SEO For Video Marketing: How Can You Optimize Your Videos For The Web?

Search engine optimization is based heavily around text. So, what do you do when your content is primarily video? Search engine optimization still applies, but there are new rules involved that you need to know. 

There Isn't Just One "Search Engine"

When people say "search engine," most people think of web search engines such as Google and Bing. It is important to make sure your videos rank on these engines, but these aren't the only search engines at play.

There are also third-party search engines, such as the search engines on websites such as Vimeo and YouTube. It's still important to rank on these engines as well, as it will greatly expand your audience.

Optimizing your videos for third-party platforms often involves categorizing it correctly, setting the right tags, and building up a following. These are things that you cannot do with a web search engine.

Give the Right Title and Description

As there isn't a lot of text when it comes to video marketing, it's important that you choose the right title and description. You want to hit all the relevant keywords of your video and include both general and specific terms.

The more terms you can condense into your video marketing, the better. A synopsis in your video description will make it easier for users to find the information they need.

Consider a Transcript

A transcription of your videos can be placed on your website and other areas of your owned media, such as social media accounts. Transcripts are searchable through traditional means and will essentially double your content in the eyes of the web search engine.

If your primary method of connecting to customers is through SEO, transcripts may be your best bet. They can also be helpful for accessibility issues.

Make the Right Content

Just like written content, you need to make video content that your audience is most interested in. You can do this by identifying the keywords that are most frequently used to find your site. This is a part of search engine optimization often referred to as "content marketing," whereby you can increase your overall search engine rank by developing the content that is most frequently searched for.

An SEO company can assist you with optimizing your videos for search engines, so you can ensure that you have the broadest audience reach. Once your SEO has been done correctly, you should start seeing the views pour in.