SEO For Video Marketing: How Can You Optimize Your Videos For The Web?

Search engine optimization is based heavily around text. So, what do you do when your content is primarily video? Search engine optimization still applies, but there are new rules involved that you need to know.  There Isn't Just One "Search Engine" When people say "search engine," most people think of web search engines such as Google and Bing. It is important to make sure your videos rank on these engines, but these aren't the only search engines at play. Read More 

Preparing Linen For Embroidery

If you intend to embellish one of your linen creations for your home with hand or machine embroidery, you should consider shrinking the fabric before you begin embroidering it. This is because any household items that you make out of linen will eventually need washing, and once you start washing the items that you have embroidered, the linen will begin to shrink. This has the potential to damage your embroidery design. Read More